Curiosity drives innovation at Canatu

The advancement of technology emerges from the exchange of ideas and cooperation between people bringing their own strengths to the table. At Canatu, an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration connects the building blocks for better tomorrows.

Canatu is a carbon nanomaterial developer and an equipment manufacturing company, creating the most advanced carbon nanotubes for industry-transforming products. Taneli Juntunen is Vice President of Core Engineering at Canatu. He has a doctorate in nanotechnology and nanoscience, and he has worked with nanocarbons for ten years now.

Juntunen says working together with people who share the overarching goal of discovery is one of the most exciting aspects of the company’s work.

“The best thing about Canatu is curious people and working with people, discovering together.”

Taneli Juntunen, Vice President, Core Engineering at Canatu

Curiosity to discover new things is at the core of innovation. It ignites the spark that inspires groundbreaking results, fueling the desire of inquisitive minds to find the answers they seek. According to Juntunen, it is an inalienable part of the company culture.

“Curiosity is an inbred quality that the people of Canatu have. Of course we try to foster an environment where people can satisfy their curiosity for scientific and technical discovery. But what’s more than that is passion. Passion means we are on a mission, and we believe in this mission.

Taneli Juntunen, Vice President, Core Engineering at Canatu

Towards better tomorrows

Canatu’s work transcends industrial and geographical limits. The company’s products have transformed technology in the semiconductor industry, automotive and medical diagnostics fields.

For Juntunen and his colleagues at Canatu, the passion for progress and advancing the ways things are done, along with the improvements in people’s everyday lives, guides them through the challenges they face along the way.

“Personally, I love an impossible challenge, and I think at Canatu we are routinely solving them on a weekly basis. We believe that with nanocarbons, we not only transform several prominent industries of the world, but we can also change our society and everyday life.”

Taneli Juntunen, Vice President, Core Engineering at Canatu

Juntunen enjoys working at Canatu for its diversity and the way new ideas are developed into concrete real-world implementations.

“It’s a very diverse and dynamic working environment, where one person can make a big impact. We also have a very short route from fundamental discovery to the actual transformative product.”

Taneli Juntunen, Vice President, Core Engineering at Canatu

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Values guide us

We would not be the innovative partner of forerunners without our curiosity to discover. That curiosity would not have turned to an evolving business without our commitment to achieve and ability to find partners with whom we engage in collaboration for impact. And our longevity and persistence derive from our so-called rocket fuel, the passion for progress. To our values.

carbon nanotube manufacturing
Purpose is our bedrock

What is it that drives us forward?  Carbon nanotubes, though small in size, enable true transformation in several industries. That is what we have captured in Our Purpose: Transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. Read about the impact.