Even small contributions build into Canatu’s big achievements

The potential of promising innovations is best extracted by shared expertise. Canatu cultivates an atmosphere where ideas flow freely between curious minds regardless of people’s specific disciplines.

For Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist in the Electrochemical Sensing Team at Canatu, pursuing a career in science stemmed from an impactful personal experience. When Dulay was young, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She thankfully survived the ordeal, but it left a lasting
impression on Dulay. He gained a thirst for curiosity to discover that guides his work to this day.

“From that moment on, my innate curiosity was awakened towards science and technology. I wanted to understand the chemistry or the science behind how her physician was able to diagnose the cancer at an early stage. That led me to pursue my field of interest, which is electrochemical biosensor development.”

Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist at Canatu

Dulay’s team is out to revolutionize electrochemical detection for various applications, such as in medical diagnostics, agriculture, and environmental testing. Dulay says the purpose of his team is not only to develop technology, but to have that technology actually enter into the market. To that end, Dulay’s main responsibility is ensuring that the developed electrochemical biosensor meets the minimum requirements for product development.

Piecing the puzzle

Dulay speaks to the collaborative environment at Canatu. Whenever encountering difficulties in particular areas of his work in research and development, he’s able to tap into the vast breadth of expertise at the company.

“People are always willing to cross over and support colleagues outside the boundaries of their respective fields. That’s the best thing here at Canatu. We are different teams, but we are all interdisciplinary.”

Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist at Canatu

Persistence is a key ingredient in Dulay’s line of work. The process of innovating and developing breakthrough solutions often involves plenty of trial and error. Even good ideas can lead to various dead-ends before the way forward is discovered.

“It really excites me when we try many things and then it finally works! It drives our curiosity, and it challenges our core ability to provide solutions. This makes us better and makes us strive for better results.”

Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist at Canatu

Spearheading progress

When considering the kind of people Canatu has and is looking for, Dulay cites the company philosophy of the three C’s. These are curiosity, commitment, and collaboration. Furthermore, the passion for growth and for making an impact is important. It’s the basis for
progress that can lead to game-changing outcomes.

“No matter how small or big it is, it’s still a contribution. That’s what we are looking for here at Canatu.”

Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist at Canatu

As Dulay can personally attest, Canatu is the place for those who are out to change the world for the better. Work on state-of-the-art applications of nanotechnology has a palpable impact on people’s lives.

“Personally, I feel happy and content in my role as an R&D Scientist. I highly recommend Canatu to all people who want to join and make a huge impact that could change lives, and save the lives of many.”

Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist at Canatu

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Values guide us

We would not be the innovative partner of forerunners without our curiosity to discover. That curiosity would not have turned to an evolving business without our commitment to achieve and ability to find partners with whom we engage in collaboration for impact. And our longevity and persistence derive from our so-called rocket fuel, the passion for progress. To our values.

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