About Canatu

From research to revolutionary products

Who we are: From research to next generation products

We supply Carbon NanoBud® films and touch sensors to touch module vendors and OEM’s in several industries, for example consumer electronics and automotive. Canatu’s sales network covers Europe, Japan, Korea, China and the USA.

The roots of Canatu origin to high technology research and today Canatu have over one hundred patents and pending patents. The company’s R&D department continuously studies further materials and processes, in order to meet the demanding needs of industries for the next generation products.

Canatu is a cross-cultural and multi-national workplace. Our team consists of highly talented people who are genuinely interested in developing future technologies and enabling any surface to be a smart human interface.

Benefits of doing business with Canatu

Design freedom

You can design whatever touch format in 3D, meaning seamless design and robust structures to any surface.

Intuitive user experience

Your customers can enjoy the next generation touch & feel with the innovative, safe and intuitive user experience enabled by the formability, bendability, stretchability. You can offer interactive and revolutionary shapes to your customers.

High performing materials

High quality materials and technology also enable existing products perform better, meaning high outdoor readability or enhanced battery life by low energy consumption due to less need for backlighting.


The sustainability is important to us. Compared to other processes, the Canatu’s manufacturing processes require less raw materials as the organic carbon is completely recyclable. The Canatu’s NanoBud® films are therefore greener to produce, use and recycle.

The thin form combined with great conductivity offer not only seamless design but also lighter structures, less material consumption, and greater space utilization compared to traditional technologies.

ISO 9001 certified

We are committed to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. For that we hold ISO 9001 certification since 2014.


The company origins from the Aalto University’s Nanomaterials Group where the new type of process and material were invented in late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The company Canatu was founded in 2004 to productize and sell the commercial applications. Actually, the company name Canatu comes from the material that was first studied, carbon nanotube.